Metro Nashville Government 2017 Disparity Study

Griffin & Strong, P.C. (“GSPC”) is under contract with the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County (“Metro Nashville”) to conduct the 2018 Disparity Study and Minority Enterprise Growth & Needs Study (“MEGAN Study”). The Disparity Study will review Metro Nashville’s procurement practices and analyze participation in awards by Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises (“MWBE”). The MEGAN Study will provide a growth and needs assessment of minority firms within Davidson County to better assist them to do business in and with Metro Nashville.

Over the course of these year-long studies, there will be several ways GSPC and Metro Nashville hope to solicit the engagement of the local community. There will be public engagement meetings, public hearings, anecdotal interviews and the online Survey of Business Owners and MEGAN study. Some firms may be contacted to participate in a focus group, complete a survey or provide anecdotal interviews. If you are contacted, we thank you in advance for your participation. If you have any questions or comments about the Study or if you wish to provide a comment regarding your experiences, whether positive or negative, in doing business in and with the City, please email us at All email comments will be included in the Study analysis, however, no names will be mentioned. To follow the Study progress, you may also reach us on Facebook at Griffin & Strong, P.C. and on Twitter @GriffinStrong.


Online Survey of Business Owners

It is the City’s desire to offer a diverse and equitable business environment that will benefit all communities. Therefore, GSPC has partnered with Tennessee State University and Creative Research Solutions to conduct an online survey to gather your impressions and experiences in contracting or attempting to contract in and with the City.

In order to connect with the Metro Nashville vendor community, GSPC has partnered with Creative Research Solutions, a small and minority-owned business, to create and administer the online Survey of Business Owners. This survey is designed to capture demographic, statistical and anecdotal information regarding Metro Nashville businesses, their operating capacity, and past experience with doing business in and with Metro Nashville. Additionally, the MEGAN Study, which is a part of the online survey of business owners, will be used to help Metro Nashville better understand local minority owned businesses and their barriers to growth.

All Metro Nashville businesses, from unregistered firms and home-based startups to large firms, in all business sectors, are encouraged to participate by providing responses to this online survey of business owners. If your business is a not-for profit or you are a representative of a government agency, please refrain from completing the survey. For more information, visit the “Who We Are” tab. If there are questions about this survey, or you experience technical difficulties, please direct questions to or Deputy Project Manager, Sterling Johnson at

Access Online Survey of Business Owners/MEGAN


In addition to the Metro Nashville 2018 Disparity Study, the City has also commissioned the Minority Enterprise Growth and Needs (“MEGAN”) study to provide an assessment of the barriers to growth for minority owned businesses within Davidson County.

If you are a Minority Business Owner located within Davidson County (51% or more owned by an ethnic minority group) proceed with completion of the Survey of Business Owners. Once your survey is completed and recorded, your responses will be taken through additional analysis for the MEGAN Study.

Access MEGAN Study Survey

Comienza la Encuesta (Español)


Anecdotal Interviews and Qualitative Research

The Metro Nashville 2018 Disparity Study will provide opportunity for community feedback and engagement through the gathering and solicitation of qualitative research. Beginning with our Informational meetings, scheduled for September 2018, the 2018 Disparity Study anecdotal process will involve the scheduling and completion of anecdotal interviews, public hearings and focus groups. If you are contacted for an interview, we thank you in advance for your participation.

For those who are not contacted to participate in an interview or focus group, are unavailable due to scheduling conflict, or generally uncomfortable providing public testimony but wish to provide anecdotal evidence on your experiences doing business in and with the City, you may email us anytime with anecdotal comments or questions at

Informational Meetings

The Metro Nashville government Disparity Study Informational Meetings are tentatively scheduled for September 2018. If you are interested in attending please register using the link below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Howard Office Building: Fulton Campus

Sonny West Conference Room
700 2nd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210

If you missed the Informational Meeting, learn more about the Metro Nashville studies here

Public Hearings

Over the course of the Study, there will be opportunities for member of the community to provide input about their experiences in doing business in and with the Metro Nashville Government. At the public hearings, comments regarding both positive and negative interactions with the City and in the public and private sector business communities, will be heard and recorded by a court reporter. All comments provided during the public hearings will become a part of the public record and will be included in the Study analysis.

Public Hearing Session 1
Public Hearing Session 2

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